Our Services

Let us find the perfect racket, string or grip for your game.

Professional stringing service for all squash, badminton and tennis rackets

New racket grips applied to a professional standard

Modify your racket to perfectly suit your game. Click to find out more.

Check out our range of refurbished rackets, or trade in your old racket.

Have factory errors removed from your rackets to make them identical.

Worn-out bumperguards and grommets replaced to give an old racket new life.

Stringing and Ball Machine Repair

We offer full servicing for tennis machines

Racket Repair

Is your racket broken? Cracked frames can be repaired!

Interested in the Lendl Pattern, or Spaghetti Stringing? Need a strange racket strung? Visit our Special Rackets page for more information.