Grommet Replacement

Through natural bumps and scrapes suffered by a racket during hours of tennis play, the string grommets and protective plastic bumperguard can wear out or break.

Thankfully, these are replaceable parts, and they can be installed when a racket is being restrung, giving a racket a fresh look and more importantly, a longer life.

Grommet replacements start at £15, but as price can vary from racket to racket, we can provide you a quote for grommet replacement.

Grommets are the plastic inserts that retain string in a racket, they prevent string from wearing against the frame.

Tennis and squash rackets also have a bumperguard incorporated into the grommet strip at the top of a racket. This protects the frame from impacts against the ground, increasing the longevity of the racket.

Broken grommets can upset the feel of a racket, but more critically, cause the string to break prematurely by wearing against the sharper edge of the racket frame.

A worn or broken bumperguard can put your racket on borrowed time. Without a good bumperguard protecting your racket, the frame is far more likely to crack on even accidental impacts with the ground.

We can replace a racket's grommet/bumperguard sets to prolong the lifepsan of a racket, and keep it playing at the best possible quality for years to come.

While the replacement of most grommet strips costs £15, the strips for some rackets are more expensive, so be sure to contact us first with the brand and model of your racket so we can provide you a quote.