Every player is unique, so why not have a racket unique to you?

What Is Racket Customising?

Racket customising has been widespread among professional players for decades, and is essential for any player looking to take their game to the next level, or for a player looking to improve a specific part of their game.

By strategically placing small weights at various points on the racket frame, a racket can be made more powerful, stable, or maneuverable depending on the path of customisation.

Customisation costs £20 per racket, but as the customisation process can require a lot of playtesting with various setups, we will work to find the right custom setup for you.

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What Is Racket Matching?

Racket matching is important for any player wanting consistent playability across a range of rackets.

Identical rackets of the same brand and model will naturally have variations in mass from the factory - sometimes this can be a whopping ten grams off the manufacturer's specifications!

Through some minor customisation, a set of rackets can be made mathematically identical, resulting in dependable equipment for the serious player.

The matching of two rackets costs £15, with an additional cost of £5 for every additional racket.

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Customising and Matching FAQs

What does customisation entail?

For the price of customisation, we will first discuss in detail your playing style, level of tennis, and where you are looking to improve your game. 

Your racket will then be customised by Racket Services Ireland using silicone and lead weights in order to change the way it plays and reflect what you want to improve. As an example, for a player looking to improve their double-handed backhand, we may consider an increase in balance and swingweight.

The racket will be returned to the customer, where it will be playtested. If needed, the customisation can be revised slightly to optimise the new setup.

I just bought two identical rackets. Do I need them matched?

Rackets are mass-produced products, and so naturally will incur some manufacturing errors. In something as specially engineered as a racket however, even tiny differences in mass or balance can have huge affects on how they play.

Most people who carry multiple rackets will feel difference between one and another, and end up favoring one racket over the other, so it is a very good idea to get your identical racket models looked at for matching.

Once matched, the two or more rackets will have the exact same specifications, removing the factory errors and ensuring the set of rackets perform reliably when its needed most.

I'm not comfortable with lead weights being used. Is there another option?

In short, yes. 

Lead is a potentially harmful heavy metal, so we understand if a customer is not comfortable with lead weights used to customise their rackets. While lead is the industry standard, a substitute is Tungsten Tape, which we will happily use instead.

However as tungsten tape is more expensive, and as we do not stock it, there will be an additional charge of £5 added to the customisation price, along with possible delays while it is shipped.

Is stringing included?

In racket customising and matching, we prefer to work with the rackets unstrung, and with no grips. This ensures we are working with the bare racket frame, removing any possible errors from our measurements.

Restringing is not included in the price of customistation or matching, however a discount is available.